Important 新闻 Concerning My Health



I’m writing with some important personal health news that impacts the Academy community.

I’ve been managing a variety of concerning and worsening symptoms for many months, and several weeks ago I was able to get conclusive answers. An MRI has revealed a large (almost certainly benign) brain tumor that is causing significant problems with my facial, 听力, 平衡神经, and that has grown to such a size that requires major surgery in the weeks ahead.

My surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, February 15. I’ll be in the hospital for about a week, and in recovery for about six weeks afterwards. 而 the risk of life-threatening complications is very low, I have been counseled to expect a difficult recovery, including permanent 听力 loss in my right ear, 物理治疗, and facial and balance problems for up to a year. 可悲的是, I will be on leave from The Academy from February 12 through (barring unforeseen complications) April 10.

在此期间, 我是 thrilled that Audrey Perrott will serve as The Academy’s Acting Head of School. Audrey is the Head of School Emeritus at Near North Montessori School, where she served in a variety of capacities for three decades before “retiring” last spring. (Fun fact: The Academy replaced NNMS as the tenant at 1010 W. 1992年在芝加哥.)

Audrey is a legend in the Chicago independent school world and a dear personal friend, and I have tremendous faith in her experience, 专业知识, and desire to support our community during this time. 进一步, I have absolute confidence in the leadership, 专业知识, and spirit of our board, 政府, 教师, 和工作人员. Between them and Audrey, our community is in great hands.

Please know that 我是 in a very good place emotionally. 我是 filled with gratitude for my incredible good fortune, which is highlighted in a very poignant way by a diagnosis like this, and 我是 entering this situation embracing the idea that “the path is the teacher” (or, sometimes: “the obstacle is the way”). 我的情绪高涨, and I’m looking forward to finding humor and good stories in this wherever possible. Plus, I’ve been promised a very serious-looking scar.

谢谢你! for your support and goodwill in the weeks ahead. 而 I’m away from school, I’d love to hear from you! 你可以找到我 脸谱网 or Instagram, text me, or email me through 埃文Pazkowski, our Acting Director of Development and our official alumni liaison.

With much love for you all,